Who We Are

What Is ReStore?

The Lima Area ReStore sells overstocked, discontinued, new and used building materials donated by manufacturers, store, contractors and individuals. These donated items are sold to the public at greatly reduced prices.

The Lima Area ReStore generates funds to help support our efforts to build simple, decent, affordable homes in the Lima-Allen County area.

90% of the donations stay right here in Allen County and contribute to “changing the world” in places like Africa and Guatemala.

Our Mission

Habitat for Humanity – Lima Area, Inc. seeks to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by working in partnership with people who blend their time, talent and gifts to build simple, decent housing with families in need so all are encouraged to be what God intended.

How The Lima Area ReStore Helps Build The Community

  • Donated materials are sold in the ReStore with the proceeds being used to fund the building of homes.
  • All of the like new and used items in the ReStore are sold at bargain prices to anyone in the community.
  • The ReStore sells items that might otherwise have wound up in our landfills. By recycling these items, unnecessary landfill waste is kept to a minimum.
  • Individuals and businesses can donate items to the ReStore and often receive tax deductions or write-offs.

What Is Habitat For Humanity?

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, nondenominational Christian housing organization. Habitat for Humanity’s goal is to eliminate sub-standard housing and homelessness from the face of the earth by working in partnership with God’s people.

Using volunteer labor and tax deductible donations of money and materials, Habitat builds and sells decent, affordable houses to people who currently live in substandard housing conditions.