Who We Help

90% of all proceeds stay local right here in Allen County. Restore of Lima is also able to contribute to “Changing the World”.

Stories of Families We Have Helped

Tom and Melanie Restore FamilyIt’s because of couples just like Tom and Melanie that ReStores exist. Tom and his family had waited for over a year before they had received word that they had been selected as a recipient of a Habitat for Humanity home. When they received the word it was all smiles for the entire family. Many of us could only imagine what that feeling would be like.

Those smiles and feelings are a direct result of the donations that are given to the Habitat ReStore. Those donations lead to volunteers who make those donations ready for sale in the ReStore. Last but not least the shoppers who purchase those items. It’s a very small cycle but it’s one that ends with the money going to create smiles that live inside Habitat for Humanity homes.

Thank You for Donating, Volunteering, Shopping. Thank You for making a difference in Allen County.

Its easy to get lost or all caught up in the day to day activities of the ReStore. So its always good to stop and remind ourselves why we do what we do. That’s where Tom and Melanie and their family come into the picture. Tom and Melanie are a great example of why Habitat for Humanity exists. They are both hard working individuals who just needed a hand up. Tom and Melanie live in their new home in the Delphos area.

Recent Projects by Habitat for Humanity