Brighten Up Your New Year with a Refurbished Light from the ReStore!


Each time I visit the ReStore I see a large and varied display of light fixtures.  Giving one of those fixtures an updated look is an easy project to give a space a new look at a fraction of the cost for new lighting. Here is a picture of the ReStore lighting section.

hanging chandelier

Look at your space to help you decide what lighting you need to brighten your home.  We were looking for a chandelier to replace an uninspired ceiling light in a kitchen.

Materials for this project:

Light fixture

Sandpaper (fine grit)

Spray paint (We chose an “oil-rubbed bronze” finish)

New lightbulbs or shades to match your style

Note:  Before giving your light fixture a new look, be sure to check all of the electrical wiring and replace any that looks frayed or weak.  Decide if your light will plug into an outlet or be hardwired as a ceiling or wall fixture.  If you are not comfortable working with electrical wiring, ask a friend with those skills for help or check out one of the many on line tutorials.  Hiring an electrician to hang your fixture will add to the cost, but safety is well worth the money spent! 

Time for Transformation!

  • Prepare the fixture for paint.
    • Remove any glass sconces and clean all dust and dirt from the light.
    • Use the fine grit sandpaper to dull the surface of the existing finish on the light fixture. Wipe away any dust this step creates.
  • Paint the fixture.
    • I like to complete this step outside and use old sheets and cardboard boxes to protect the area where I am spraying.
    • Keep changing the angle of your light fixture between painting applications to be sure you get all of the surfaces covered. Using spray paint cans that paints at any angle can make this task easier as well.
    • Use light coats of paint and allow to dry between coats. Watch out for drips!
  • Add the lights!
    • We decided not to reuse the glass sconces and instead chose decorative lightbulbs.

Our finished light fixture is hardwired and on a dimming switch.  We had a professional electrician do this for us.  Doesn’t it look elegant?

Refurbished light

Challenge:  Find a light fixture at the ReStore that inspires you and bring new life to it. Then send the picture to this site to be posted.  We want to see your ideas and projects!

by Michelle Boyer