Completing My Kitchen Table Set

Here is the second “Chair Week” installment from Michelle! Be sure to stop by the store for great deals on your special chair project!!

Completing My Kitchen Table Set

I salvaged two chairs from a family member’s barn and refinished those to go with my oak dropleaf kitchen table.  On one trip through the ReStore I found two more chairs complementary to the barn salvage chairs.  Ed had extensive work to do rebuilding these chairs.

2 chairs

The dowels were cut at angles, and some of the bottom rungs needed to be replaced.  When you find chairs that are not structurally sound, be sure you have the tools, the skills, and the patience to rebuild them! Luckily for me, Ed enjoys the challenge. chair in process

The bottom of the chair seats were numbered and labeled with the manufacturer’s name.  I found the company, no longer in business, in an on-line search.  History of that company was interesting to read, and it helped me to date the chairs as being manufactured in the very early 1900s.  The original seat tops were a brittle, torn leather that was past the point of salvaging.  I found a piece of brushed fabric in the super sale clearance fabric at the local fabric store to use for these chairs seats.

finished set

Here is my mix and match kitchen dining set completed with my ReStore chairs!

by Michelle Boyer